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How do I get Wipeout?

Click the “Get it now” button on and either Run or Save depending on your browser or your personal choice. Because Wipeout is only 1mb in size, this should take seconds. There is no lengthy installation as there is for normal browsers.

I downloaded it. Now I can’t find it.

When you download Wipeout it puts a shortcut icon on your desktop for the next time you want to open it. The file itself will most likely be in your Windows downloads folder, unless of course you saved it to another location.

I’d prefer not to have the Wipeout icon on my computer

Then simply 1-click-delete it from either or both of your Downloads, Desktop, or wherever you stored it, and next time you need it “Get it Now” from

Will it work on Apple, Linux and Mobile Platforms?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. Wipeout is an IE shell browser which means it will work on any Windows PC that has Internet Explorer installed, whether or not you are using IE. This means Wipeout can be kept very small (just under 1mb) unlike other Browsers which are often several Mb in size and require installation.


What is the round “!” button for in the header of the browser?

It’s for use when you need to shut down all Wipeout windows in one go, and fast. Like if someone suddenly appears near you. It also performs the Wipeout clean-up sequence invisibly in the background. It can be activated by the Ctrl + Space keys as well as the “!” button in the header.

Do I have to use Wipeout Search?

No. Wipeout is a free download and the way it makes a profit is by an agreement with our search partner “Ask”. So we would of course prefer it if you used Wipeout Search rather than any other. However if you have a preferred search engine, you can simply type its website address into Wipeout’s address bar and Wipeout will still clean up your surfing history.

Can I save my Favourite sites to the Channels?

Not yet!

What are the system requirements for Wipeout?

A PC running Windows XP with service pack 3 installed, or Vista with SP2, or Windows 7 with SP1; and Internet Explorer 7 or above.


How does it work?

It logs the time you open Wipeout; and when you close it down, it deletes all the history, cookies, flash local shared objects and temporary internet files created during that session.

It also doesn’t allow bookmarks, doesn’t auto-complete anything, doesn’t remember passwords, doesn’t prompt your own previous searches, and doesn’t keep a list of your previously downloaded files.

Will it delete other important stuff on my computer?

No. It will only delete internet related files created during the Wipeout session. Although if you run Internet Explorer at the same time as Wipeout, it will delete files from that session too.

What if I use IE or other browsers between Wipeout sessions?

Any internet files created in a normal browsing session on other browsers will remain on your PC and not be removed by Wipeout.

Will Wipeout stop me getting pop-ups on my screen?

Yes. Wipeout has a built in pop-up blocker which you can turn on and off via the Tools menu.

Will Wipeout change settings on my regular browser?

The bookmarks and other settings in your regular web browser are not altered. If you visit a site using Wipeout where a cookie for that site already existed on the computer prior to you using Wipeout, the cookie will not be deleted.

How do banking websites work with Wipeout?

You can use Wipeout to securely do your electronic banking just like you can with any other browser.

Do I still need to take precautions?

By deleting cookies, history, the cache and all auto complete information entered on forms; Wipeout ensures that you do not leave personal information on the computer you browse the web from. However you still need to take sensible, common sense precautions online, such as ensuring that you only enter personal details on sites where you are confident of their privacy policy and never entering financial or confidential data when the site is not secure. You can tell if you are entering data on a secure site by looking for a yellow padlock in the bottom right hand corner of the Wipeout window. If the padlock is not shown, the form is not secure and you should think carefully before submitting any information.


Does it help people do Illegal things?

No. Every computer has an address on the internet – its IP address. Every time you request or link to a website, a request is sent from your computer via your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the servers of the site you want to visit. If you were doing anything illegal, then the Authorities have always been able to work with your ISP to discover the sites you had been visiting. Wipeout doesn’t change that.

What about at work?

You should beware of using private browsers at work if you believe your boss may not approve. Because if he asks his IT people to look at the logs of the internet traffic passing through his firewall, then he could still discover where you have been surfing, even if you are using private browsing, whether it be through Wipeout or one of the other well-known browsers.

So when should Wipeout be used?

Wipeout and other private browsers are all about helping you protect your privacy from other people sharing your computer, or who may come and look at your computer after you have left it. Those cringe-worthy occasions when family, friends or colleagues stumble across stuff you really didn’t want them to see. And of course it’s also really useful for protecting your privacy and passwords in internet cafes or when logging in to someone else’s computer.

What about the kids, and parental control software?

Wipeout works with parental control software in the same way as any other internet browser. It does not override any parental controls that deny children access to sites that their parents do not want them to view.

Private browsing is also a great way for parents to ensure that the kids never stumble across some of the subjects (naughty & nice!) that parents may want to search themselves, but that are inappropriate for the kids to see.

If you are concerned that your child might find the Wipeout icon on your computer and use it themselves; then unlike the private browsing functions on most other browsers which are always available, you can simply delete Wipeout after use and download it again next time you need it.

Does Wipeout contain or download Advertising ware, Spyware or other Malware?

No. Wipeout is guaranteed to be100% free of Adware/Spyware and this has been independently verified by, the encyclopaedia of free software downloads. In fact the privacy features of Wipeout, such as not saving settings, cookies or browser plug-ins, reduce the chances of malware being introduced to your computer as you browse.


Sometimes I try and click a link and nothing happens?

This will usually happen if the pop-up blocker is behaving too sensitively. Go to the Tools menu and un-check the “Block Pop-Up Windows” line.

I’m getting search suggestions?

These are just the most popular searches from the population at large, prompted by the search engine. They are not your searches and so do not reveal anything about you.

An advert appeared on a site offering a service in my area? How did it know?

Every computer has an IP address that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) knows. It is likely that the advertiser paid for the ability to show the advert to all the people in a postcode, rather than your computer specifically. Just like a TV advertiser might only advertise to all the people in one region of the country. Without paying for special IP address hiding software, you can’t avoid this, whatever browser you use.

What happens if Wipeout crashes whilst I’m using it?

It shouldn’t! But since everyone’s computers topple over every so often, and this can cause Wipeout to topple over, we have built in a crash-monitoring device. So Wipeout will detect the problem and run a precautionary clean-up.

My company does not allow us to install software. Will Wipeout work?

If your network prevents you from downloading exe files (the standard Wipeout download is an exe file), you can choose to download the zipped version of Wipeout instead. Alternatively you do not have to install Wipeout at all to use it, as you can run it directly from the link in Internet Explorer or save it to a memory stick and run it from there. Some systems will still restrict you from running software not placed on the machine by your IT department. In this case it may not be possible for Wipeout to run.

Do remember that you should beware of using private browsers at work if you believe your boss may not approve. Because if he asks his IT people to look at the logs of the internet traffic passing through his firewall, then he could still discover where you have been surfing, even if you are using a private browser.


How do I remove Wipeout completely from my PC?

To remove the Wipeout icon, simply 1-click-delete it from either or both of your Downloads, Desktop, or wherever you stored it. There’s no requirement to “un-install” as you’re just deleting a file.

Wipeout also stores a few pieces of in-offensive information in the registry of the computer, namely the location of the application on the PC, whether a desktop shortcut and default browser setting have been created, and the first run date. This data can be safely left in the registry when you delete Wipeout icon and will not be looked at by anyone but the most technical. However if you want to delete these too: Search for and Open Regedit.exe; Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\; Delete the registry key named “Wipeout”; and Close Regedit.exe. However be careful not to delete anything else when editing the registry.

I deleted Wipeout, and now when I click a hyperlink, I can’t get on to the internet

This happens if you made Wipeout your default browser, and then deleted it, leaving the computer with no default browser to link with. If you’ve already done this, then simply open another browser like IE, and set it as default. And if you ever delete Wipeout in future, switch your default browser first.


Here’s how to contact us…

We’d very much value hearing about your ideas or issues. However we should say that Wipeout is a free product used in geographies all over the world. So we are unlikely to be able to respond individually to your email, for which we do apologise. However you will receive an email confirming receipt of your email; and rest assured your input will be appreciated and considered by our team. Our most common questions are also covered in the FAQ above.

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Please remember that Wipeout is for those embarrassing moments; the cringe-worthy occasions when friends, family and workmates stumble across stuff you really didn’t want them to see. However if the stakes are high, and your job or family or financial security depends on it; or if you’re looking to break the law; then Wipeout and other free private browsers are not for you.  Read more.

While this computer won’t have a record of your browsing history, your internet service provider or employer can still track the pages you visit.

Click here to read the Wipeout Licence Agreement.  Ask is the default search of the Wipeout browser and searches you make with the address bar will go to

I have read and agree to the terms of the Wipeout Licence Agreement.

Windows only.  Mac soon.