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Wipeout won’t help you become a spy, surf illegal websites, evade your boss if he’s clever, or evade the Authorities intent on uncovering your activities.

One reason is that most private browsers will either delete or not record internet files on your computer. However if you’re connected to the internet at work, then a keen enough IT department can peek at your firewall internet requests, and figure out the websites you visited.

And if you’re thinking it will help you with illegal or covert activities, it won’t. Because if the police or government need to know the sites you are visiting, they can require your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide that for them.

Wipeout is a fun app to help you avoid seriously embarrassing yourself when others see your PC. But not more than that.



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Please remember that Wipeout is for those embarrassing moments; the cringe-worthy occasions when friends, family and workmates stumble across stuff you really didn’t want them to see. However if the stakes are high, and your job or family or financial security depends on it; or if you’re looking to break the law; then Wipeout and other free private browsers are not for you.  Read more.

While this computer won’t have a record of your browsing history, your internet service provider or employer can still track the pages you visit.

Click here to read the Wipeout Licence Agreement.  Ask is the default search of the Wipeout browser and searches you make with the address bar will go to

I have read and agree to the terms of the Wipeout Licence Agreement.

Windows only.  Mac soon.